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Rings to Give in Every Stage of Your Relationship

The history of rings has always been closely tied to the secret language of relationships. Whether reflecting an initial promise or representing the longevity of a marriage, these symbolic jewels are the ultimate emblem of love and commitment. If you are looking for a romantic way to surprise your partner and wonder which types of rings are suitable for a specific stage of your relationship, keep reading!

At Mumit, they specialise in all types of meaningful rings for couples. If you want to be inspired by their most romantic 18k gold jewelry, we recommend visiting their online jewelry store. They take pride in being part of truly unique moments in the lives of their customers, offering fine jewelry pieces that become memories of the most special moments.

Have you already found several designs that catch your eye? Join us to discover which one is the perfect ring to mark each occasion and continue exploring the secrets of the meaning of gifting jewelry.

Couple posing with gold ring

Promise Rings

This type of ring is a gift that is mostly exchanged by young couples who are not yet ready for a formal engagement. If you find yourself in this initial stage of the relationship but wish to show your love and fidelity with a unique ring, there are plenty of designs that could fit your personal style and budget.

Personally, we think Mumit’s Nina Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold is a fantastic choice for a promise ring. The fresh and contemporary touch of the aquamarine is the perfect ally of the bold spirit that characterises each Mumit piece. Additionally, the delicate halo of natural diamonds and the 18k white gold add beauty and symbolism to a ring that reflects the brilliance and uniqueness of a young but deep love.

Model posing with Mumit´s Nina Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold

Engagement Rings

You have surely heard of one of the most well-known rings in the world of fine jewelry: engagement rings, also known as commitment rings. This romantic jewel is offered when proposing, symbolising a promise of love that will culminate in marriage.

In previous instances, we resolved common doubts that often arise when choosing the perfect engagement ring, such as what stone to choose for an engagement ring.

Today we want to point out that there is a wide variety of styles of engagement rings from which you can choose, from the iconic solitaire engagement rings to the comfortable half eternity rings, to colourful options for bold declarations of love, such as sapphire engagement rings or emerald engagement rings.

We would opt for the most dazzling choice of all, diamond pavé engagement rings. We love their ability to highlight the unique symbolism of a solitaire with the unmatched brilliance of a diamond-covered band. See for yourself with the Pavé Always 0.86 ct Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold from Mumit.

This version of one of the brand’s most iconic solitaires stands out with an impressive 0.50-carat central diamond. Accompanied by a delicate pavé of 0.36 additional carats, this exquisite ring presents a play of lights like no other and transform it in a original engagement ring. The most modern and innovative way to say forever.

Wedding Bands

Also known as wedding rings, wedding bands are the jewels that are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. As such, they are an eternal symbol of union and commitment. Although the most well-known are the plain designs featuring gold, it is now also possible to choose precious gemstones and silhouettes that fit the engagement ring.

For example, the Ninette 0.17 ct Diamond Band Ring in 18k White Gold from Mumit is designed to fit perfectly with a solitaire, amplifying the brilliance of this sublime diamond combination. Sophisticated and innovative, it is the ideal choice for the most cosmopolitan women.

Ninette Diamond Band Ring

Anniversary Rings

Do you want to celebrate an important anniversary with a jewel worthy of the occasion? Anniversary rings are statement rings that serve to commemorate a number of years of relationship that means something unique to the couple.

Three-stone rings, also known as present, past and future rings, are a fantastic gift for these types of occasions since the three main precious stones represent three stages. Depending on the gems chosen and their size, they can become a fully personalised symbol of the different phases through which the relationship has passed and the hopes and plans for the future.

Another option loaded with meaning are eternity rings, a jewel that embodies the enduring character of love. The precious stones of this type of ring completely cover the surface of the band, giving the impression of tracing a circle without beginning or end. You can learn all the key facts about the meaning of eternity rings on our blog.

If you liked our suggestions, you will love Mumit’s Rosette Trilogy Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold. Its design reveals a trio of diamond flowers totaling 0.46 carats, as delicate as it is striking. It is an ideal jewel to celebrate the strength and continuity of a love that is reborn over the years, just like the petals of a flower.

Model posing with the Rosette Trilogy ring

Now that we have done a full review of all the types of rings that are given in a relationship, we want to emphasise that the most important factor is to give a jewel that symbolises something special for you. Depending on your personal preferences, it is always possible to improvise and establish new traditions. In any case, we hope you have found it useful to know the most common uses and the jewelry traditions associated with each stage of the relationship.

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